Hail Technology: Deep Learning May Help Predict When People Need Rides (3-1-18)

Computers may better predict taxi and ride sharing service demand, paving the way toward smarter, safer and more sustainable cities, according to an international team of researchers.

In a study, the researchers used two types of neural networks — computational systems modeled on the human brain — that analyzed patterns of taxi demand. This deep learning approach, which lets computers learn on their own, was then able to predict the demand patterns significantly better than current technology.

“Ride sharing companies, like Uber in the United States, and Didi Chuxing in China, are becoming more and more popular and have really changed the way people approach transportation,” said Jessie Li, associate professor of information sciences and technology, Penn State. “And you can imagine how important it would be to predict the taxi demand because the taxi company could dispatch the cars even before the need arises.”

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Mayor Bowser Establishes Autonomous Vehicle Working Group (2-14-18)

A dog carefully observes a food delivery bot in Germany.

D.C. government is looking ahead on self-driving cars.  On Monday, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced the creation of the city’s Interagency AV Working Group to explore an autonomous vehicle pilot program to “help benefit District residents and visitors.”

“We will keep the District on the cutting edge of autonomous vehicles and do so in a way that benefits our residents,” said Mayor Bowser in a statement. “Washington, D.C. is a creative, tech-savvy city, and as we grow, we will always be exploring and investing in innovation and finding ways to make it more inclusive.”

The working group is made up of representatives from across multiple city agencies.

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How Samsung Wants to Help Shape Autonomous Driving (12-14-17)

Just as its Galaxy smartphones serve as a platform for a wide universe of mobile tasks, Samsung is building out a whole new set of capabilities in another mobility platform: autos.

In its latest move, the Korean electronics giant has partnered with Renovo, a Silicon Valley startup whose software pulls together all the software needed for a commercial fleet of shared autonomous vehicles.

“The two have been working together since the beginning of this year on enabling the Smart Machines Group under the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center to use Renovo’s Aware operating system in its first fleet of test vehicles in California,” according to the Korea Herald

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