Future of Cities Part 2 – Visions of the Future (3-10-19)

Tomorrow’s cities are reshaping almost every industry imaginable, and birthing those we’ve never heard of.

Riding an explosion of sensors, megacity AI ‘brains,’ high-speed networks, new materials and breakthrough green solutions, cities are quickly becoming versatile organisms, sustaining and responding to the livelihood patterns of millions.

Over the next decade, cities will revolutionize everything about the way we live, travel, eat, work, learn, stay healthy, and even hydrate.

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This Traveler Shows That Seeing The World In A Wheelchair Is Possible (1-15-19)

Cory Lee doesn’t let his Spinal Muscular Atrophy stop him from traveling.CURB FREE WITH CORY LEE.

Cory Lee Woodard was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at the age of 2, but that certainly has not diminished his desire to travel – wheelchair and all.

Professionally known as Cory Lee, he has traversed six continents and blogs about his accessible – and sometimes not so accessible – travel adventures on his blog, “Curb Free With Cory Lee.” Since starting his blog in December 2013, Cory has gained nearly 60,000 followers across social media and won the 2017 Lowell Thomas Award for Best Travel Blog. Most recently, he was named “Person of the Year” by New Mobility Magazine.

For Forbes, Cory shared his thoughts on what it’s like to travel as a wheelchair user and raise public awareness about accessible travel. Here is what he told us.

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