Uber, Lyft to Provide Free & Discounted Trips to Polling Places on Election Day (10-14-18)

Ride-hailing company Uber joined Lyft this month in planning to provide free rides to users who need help getting to polling places for Election Day.

As political campaigns enter the last stretch of the midterm season, Uber and Lyft are serious about getting voters to the ballot box on Nov. 6.

Ride-hailing company Uber announced it’s offering free rides for Uber users who need transportation to their polling places on Election Day.

The company will display a “Get to the Polls” button on the Uber app to help users find their designated polling place and allow users to book a free ride. The company has also partnered with the nonprofit civic engagement group When We All Vote to distribute voter registration information via the Uber app and help drivers and riders register to vote.

“Using our technology and resources, we can help make it easier for every Uber rider in the U.S. to get to their polling place at the push of a button,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in a company statement on Oct. 4.

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Americans Who Use Ride-Hailing Services and Cabs Prefer the Former, Even at Airports (10-11-18)

  • 45% of U.S. adults said they were somewhat or very likely to use ride-hailing services, while 32% said the same about taxis.
  • 42% of respondents who have used both services said they’re more likely to use cabs during surge-pricing periods, while 34% still preferred ride-hailing platforms.
  • 51% of taxi users said they are somewhat or much more likely to use ride-hailing platforms because of new safety features.

U.S. adults who have used both ride-hailing platforms and taxi cabs within the past year are more likely to prefer ride-hailing services in almost every polled circumstance, according to a new Morning Consult survey, even as the taxi industry pushes for cities to restrict the number of ride-hailing vehicles operating within their limits.

Morning Consult polling conducted Sept. 27-29, 2018, among a national sample of 2,201 adults, found that 45 percent of adults said they were somewhat or very likely to use ride-hailing platforms, while 32 percent said they were likely to use taxis.

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Lyft Announces Inaugural Pitch Competition For Its DC-Area Drivers (10-5-18)

This challenge is exclusive to DMV Lyft drivers who have entrepreneurial goals. We spoke with Lyft’s Kate Glantz (a former founder herself) about why the program is launching here.

Are you a Lyft driver with entrepreneurial goals? Do you have a startup that you’re building? The ridesharing company announced a pitch challenge exclusive to its drivers, so read on.

Lyft Pitch was born after the ridesharing company crunched its data and realized that 18 percent of Lyft’s 1.5 million drivers worldwide are giving rides to help power their own businesses.

Lyft Pitch is focused on drawing out some of the most compelling business ideas, and it’s starting in the DMV area.

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Forget Tinder And LinkedIn. Ridesharing Is The New Social Centre. (9-25-18)

NEW YORK, NY – 09-25-2018 (PRDistribution.com) —

In a joint groundbreaking rideshare survey conducted by BellhopRideGuru and The Rideshare Guy, respondents showed how changing mobility options are impacting their daily lives from increased sociability, earning potential and networking, to reduced car ownership and DUIs. Respondents are even marrying people they meet in pool rides.

With 1,007 total respondents this comprehensive survey was the largest of its kind focused on passenger rideshare use. Respondents spent over 150 hours answering 41 in-depth questions across rideshare habits, spend, impact, future technologies as well as other shared mobility options such as bikes and scooters. The survey ran from Thursday, August 9, 2018 to Tuesday, September 4, 2018. Additional video and infographics are available at: https://www.bellhop.app/survey

The top 10 takeaways from the survey are outlined below.

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