Vehicle Inspection Officers

The safe operation of all public vehicles for hire shall be conducted in accordance with the laws of the District and with due regard for the safety, comfort and convenience of passengers, for the safe and careful transportation of property, and for the safety of the general public.  All reasonable efforts shall be made to promote safety at all times and under all conditions.

DFHV enforcement policies, practices and procedures are designed to meet the significant challenges that the agency faces carrying out its statutory charge to ensure that for-hire vehicle passengers have a clean, safe, and enjoyable traveling experience, by addressing any instance of non-compliance with Title 31 of the DCMR. Such polices, practices, and programs are built on a wide-ranging examination of all aspects of the agency’s approaches to addressing violations of Title 31. They include specific strategies to reduce the number of such violations, engage drivers, companies, and passengers, as well as to improve Vehicle Inspection Officer training in observance of the highest ethical and professional law enforcement standards.

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Neighborhood Ride Service By Taxis

Neighborhood Ride Service By Taxis

The Neighborhood Ride Service By Taxis (NRS) is a fixed route taxi service operating as a pilot program in Wards 4, 7 and 8. Transportation will be provided by an 8-seat shuttle. Passengers are picked up and dropped off along routes within each specific Ward. For only $5, riders can hop on or off at stops within their Ward. Payment can be made by cash or credit card. So let us know what you think of this service by leaving your feedback here.

The NRS is made possible though grant funding from the Department of For-Hire Vehicles.




The Department of For-Hire Vehicles is proud to share one of our exciting, grant-funded projects, the Electric Taxi program.


Over 40 of our capital’s taxis have been upgraded to a 2016 electric vehicle model. These taxis are equipped with long-lasting batteries, removing the need to visit gas stations. Additionally, these 2016 vehicles are equipped with a number of modern features to create a better experience for this city’s residents.

Want more information about the E-taxi?

Call the Department of For-Hire Vehicles at (202) 645-7300


Welcome to DC GloveBox, the official blog of the Department of For-Hire Vehicles (DFHV). Here you’ll find a  hub for information pertaining to the vehicle for-hire industry whether you are a driver or passenger in the district.

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We understand that your time is valuable and we aim to make the most common driver information easily accessible. DC GloveBox readily keeps pertinent instruction and documentation regarding, registration, licensing, H-tags and more! See our “For Drivers” section on the homepage.


As a passenger in DC, there is much to know. From the varying neighborhoods of DC, to the best way to get around during rush hour. At the DFHV, we aim to adequately serve both passengers and drivers alike, seeing that each have excellent and seamless travel experiences. To expand your Washington DC transit knowledge, visit “For Passengers” on the homepage.


We have exciting new programs in motion at the DFHV. Since the installment of the Ernest Chrappah our Director, the  district’s vehicle-for-hire industry has begun a significant transformation into the future, bringing cutting-edge technology to everyday transit.

Take a look at the Evolution of the Ride


The DFHV is working hard to create superior transit and customer experiences in DC. We our humble and grateful to say that our recent advancements have been featured in several press platforms. To view the articles we’ve been featured in, see “DFHV News” on the homepage.


Among our efforts to make information available to you, we invite you to tune in to our podcast, “DC GloveBox”, an arena for news, info and open discussion on relevant transit topics. You can find our podcast at the bottom of the homepage.

  •  DFHV Dashboard and Statistical Data Sets

The Department of For-Hire Vehicles dashboard and statistical data sets are available. Information about the District’s vehicle-for-hire industry is listed on the following 10 charts and reports.

Report 1 – Vehicles by type: Private Sedans, Licensed Taxicabs, and Licensed Luxury Class Vehicles.

Report 2 – Taxicab Fares Collected.

Report 3 – Licensed Taxicab and Luxury Class Drivers.

Report 4 – Licensed Taxicab and Luxury Class Vehicles

Report 5 – Lost and Found.

Report 6 – Customer Complaints Against For-Hire Operators and Companies filed with DFHV.

Report 7 – Tickets Against For-Hire Operator issued by DFHV.

Report 8 – Trips by Type.

Report 9 – Interactive Map: Trips by Ward and Time-of-Day.

Report 10 – Surcharges Generated for the District.

Department of For-Hire Vehicles External Dashboard (click here to open in a new window)