Handicapped-Accessible Parking Violations Dramatically Increased in 2017 (1-16-18)

People with disabilities are facing an uphill battle for parking spaces amid a fast rising number of parking cheats, according to an investigation by the News4 I-Team.

A review of parking enforcement records in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia shows a dramatic increase in citations and convictions against people who illegally park in spaces designated for people with disabilities.

The increase was most dramatic in D.C. In 2017, D.C. public works officers began issuing tickets against drivers who unlawfully park at red top meters in the Central Business District, which are restricted for use by people with handicapped placards on their vehicles.

Photo credit: DDOT

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NAIAS 2018: The North American International Auto Show Gets Underway (1-15-18)

Even as North American car sales ease off a bit, there’s an optimistic buzz about the future of the auto industry at the press days here at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, which kicked off its press preview days on Sunday, January 14th and will open to the public from January 20-28th.

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Lyft Concierge, Its Ride-Booking Service For Businesses, Opens To All (1-16-18)

Lyft today announced it’s expanding its Concierge program – the service that allows organizations to schedule rides for other people – to more business customers. First announced in 2016, the service was originally designed to help patients get to medical appointments, particularly in areas where they may not have a car of their own, like New York, where more than half of households are car-free.

The 2016 partnership between Lyft and the National MedTrans Network aimed to change that by offering seniors in NYC a way to get rides to their non-emergency medical appointments by way of the then new third-party web application, Concierge. Lyft’s partners use Concierge to request rides on behalf of those who don’t have smartphones or, otherwise, aren’t able to book rides for themselves for other reasons.

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Tech Is Forcing State Leaders To Rethink Transportation Departments (1-12-18)

As technology is celebrated at CES, state transportation leaders huddled to assess its impact on everything from the environment to their departments’ business models.

LAS VEGAS — With transportation technology evolving at a rapid clip, state transportation departments are finding themselves focused on a new set of policy questions that go far beyond how to get people from here to there.

At a hotel in Las Vegas, state transportation leaders from more than 25 states shared some of their key priorities and concerns.

Nevada is seeking to provide charging stations for electric vehicles across the entirety of the state’s highway system, while also looking at how to recruit a skilled technological workforce to fit the changing landscape. California is focused on reducing vehicle emissions to achieve its climate goals. South Dakota came to the summit looking to explore applying some of the emerging technologies to their rural landscape.

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Lowering Costs With Ride Hailing (January 2018)

Pooling vehicles can lower fleet costs for some agencies. But what about eliminating those vehicles altogether? Washington, D.C., is an area known for its congestion. The capital is not very large, but it’s bustling with people, and parking can be hard to come by.

D.C. employees can use an assigned fleet vehicle, or rent one from Fleet Share, the district motor pool. But Fleet Share’s 97 vehicles are first come, first serve, and not always available for the district’s 33,000 employees. Limited parking spots can also mean circling the block looking for an empty space and paying for parking, which can add up quickly.

“While we love our job and we love what we are able to do, the fewer district vehicles on the road, the better,” said Washington, D.C., Department of Public Works Director Christopher Shorter.

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