More Shared Scooters Are Coming To The District’s Streets (8-21-18)

Rental scooters are becoming an increasingly popular way to get around Washington. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

Love it or hate it, more electric scooters are on the way to the nation’s capital.

San Francisco-based start-up Spin, one of several companies that arrived in the District as part of the dockless bike-share hype last September, says it’s removing its bright orange bikes from city sidewalks and replacing them with scooters, an attempt to catch up with competitors who have found the scooter to be a more lucrative option than the bike.

“When given the option, demand for scooters is 10 times more than for bikes,” said Brian No, Spin’s head of public policy. “We need to focus on what the consumers really want.”

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The Best D.C. Day Trips (8-23-18)


It rained half the summer, and D.C. is still thicker with stress than it is with humidity. Take a day trip.

It’s almost Labor Day, it rained half the summer, and D.C. is teeming with workaholics. Even those of us who took a vacation in June or July might be hard put to remember it by now. So take a day off. Treat your brain to the sight of mountains, a beach, or a different downtown. Swimming weather extends into September, and you can eat outside through the fall.

City Paper has compiled a list of 11 day trips from D.C. We made Union Station the starting point for most destinations because it offers trains and rental cars, and you can get there by public transit.

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A Message To Riders (August 2018)

Director Ernest Chrappah
Thank you for recognizing that DFHV is making the effort to be responsive to your feedback about Uber, Lyft, Via, limousine, and taxi services in the District of Columbia. As the summer comes to an end we ask you – members of the public – to share with us topics you will like to see in future correspondences with the for-hire ride industry. We appreciate your engagement with us through social media, Ask the Director, the telephone, and at community meetings. We are making progress in removing transit challenges so residents and visitors to the District are able to access a safe, affordable, and accessible ride of their choice.