NBC 4: Neighborhood Ride Service By Taxis

A new taxi service in D.C. will soon target underserved areas of the District. The program will use eight-passenger taxi vans to run specific routes for a flat fee.

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DCist: DFHV Prepares for Driverless Cars

Uber announced that it will roll out a fleet of driverless cars in Pittsburgh this summer, making it the first company to bring autonomous cars to the ride-sharing market. As Bloomberg Businessweek puts it, there is one goal: “to replace Uber’s more than 1 million human drivers with robot drivers—as quickly as possible.”

Kojo Nnamdi Show: DFHV Acting Director Chrappah

The Taxicab Commission of D.C. is no more. In its place: The Department of For-Hire Vehicles. The change goes deeper than just the name– it reflects the city’s growing demand for what the department calls “private sedans” (you know them as Uber or Lyft). Kojo explores the challenges and opportunities of regulating the quickly evolving industry with the Department’s Acting Director.

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