DFHV Core Values

While the Department of For-Hire Vehicles is responsible for overseeing the for-hire industry in the District of Columbia, we are an organization that is driven by a set of core values developed in conjunction with my leadership, management input and staff feedback. These principles ensure a highly effective and productive workplace which translates to customer satisfaction.

So let me share the DFHV Core Values:

  1. Be accountable to one another
  2. Communicate respectfully
  3. Make decisions transparently
  4. Operate as one DFHV Team
  5. Find solutions on key mission issues

This means our leadership team will be held accountable for decisions, actions and strategies that are undertaken. We will be respectful when communicating to co-workers, colleagues, and constituents. Our decisions will be made openly and the process is open to public scrutiny. Social activities will foster a sense of camaraderie and staff bonding that is valuable for supporting agency initiatives.

Ultimately, we will focus on finding solutions especially around issues critical to our mission, including working towards leveling the competitive marketplace to ensure fairness for operators and consumers.

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