As Technology Transforms Navigation, This Cab Driver Relies On An Internal GPS: His Memory (8-26-19)

Muhammad Al-Qaabil drives a DC Yellow Cab, as he has most days since 1973. At a time when cab and ride-share drivers are beholden to GPS, Al-Qaabil is a throwback to when drivers knew their way around. (Kery Murakami/Kery Murakami/ Express)

Muhammad Al-Qaabil has been driving a cab in D.C. for 46 years, so he knows something about picking up passengers — like, when you pick someone up, it’s best to go where they actually are.

So he laughed last Tuesday when a passenger in his DC Yellow Cab shared a story of woe. He had called one afternoon for a Lyft ride from 101 Constitution Ave. NW. Not seeing the car after a while, the man called the driver, who said he was there, waiting — on Second Street NW.

“This is where the GPS sent me,” the driver told him.

Where would you go to pick up someone at 101 Constitution, the passenger asked Al-Qaabil.

“101 Constitution,” he said.

At a time when many ride-share and cab drivers mindlessly go where the GPS says, Al-Qaabil is a throwback to a time when cabbies knew their way around, down to the precise address.

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