Two For-Hire Pilot Programs Aim To Help People Get Around DC This Summer (7-2-19)

Image by GKJ used with permission.

This summer, the DC Department of For-Hire Vehicles is piloting programs to provide more transit options for residents in parts of the city. Taxi-to-Rail (T2R) provides rides for people traveling to or from one of the eight metro stations east of the Anacostia. DC Microtransit provides transit services to northeast and northwest parts of DC. Both services typically cost $3 per ride, though DC Microtransit is free through the end of September.

“One of the things we wanted to do was improve services and quality of life for residents east of the river,” said David Do, Director of DFHV, which is supplying the grants for the programs. “What we saw in our data, we saw people east of the river often have the longest commute. “We wanted to improve transportation equity by closing the commute time gap.”

Yellow Cab Company of DC and United Ventures Consortium (UVC) were the grantees for the T2R program, while Transco and Via administer the DC Microtransit program.

“And more than that we want to find a last and first mile solution,” Do said. “We wanted to find synergies between our wonderful metro system and the for-hire industry, and so we came up with this idea of a program to help with that.”

The microtransit pilot covers a specific predetermined route bordered by Georgia Avenue on the east, Missouri Avenue/Riggs Road to the north, Eastern Avenue on the west, and Rhode Island Avenue to the south, according to the service site. Residents can use the DC Microtransit app or call 202-398-0500. For the Taxi-to-Rail service, you can call 202-727-3T2R. Yellow Cab allows you go online at or to use its app to process your order.

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