Eight Transportation Projects Coming To Ward 8 You Should Know About (7-30-19)

A Bellevue resident looks at upcoming projects during DDOT’s open house. Image by the author.

Safer streets and better places to bicycle, walk, and scoot are coming to Ward 8. On Saturday, July 27 residents got to see what transportation projects are planned for their area at the District Department of Transportation’s Open House.

The event is the first in a series, said DDOT Director Jeff Marootian, who was on hand with several agency staff members to talk with attendees. “We hope to share a lot of information about the projects we’ve got being planned and in some cases projects already in construction,” Marootian said, “and we want to hear from residents about what their safety concerns are, and really more than anything, build relationships with the community.”

Residents were encouraged to walk around the Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC) on Mississippi Avenue SE and talk to agency staff about projects. Specifically, the agency was soliciting feedback about where they would like to see safety changes.

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