Study: Cities With Ride-Shares Like Uber And Lyft Also See Rise In Fatal Accidents

The study arrives as New York lawmakers think about how to implement the country’s first congestion pricing to enter Manhattan’s busiest parts starting in 2021.

There’s been an approximate 3% rise in serious and deadly accidents in major American cities once ride-hail platforms are introduced, according to new findings from researchers at Rice University in Houston, Texas and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

The services definitely bring serious pluses, the study acknowledges, like increased convenience for commuters needing to get from A to B — not to mention whole new avenues of income for people with a driver’s license.

But the findings say there’s a flip side that should be weighed too: “Costs exist, are not trivial, and can be measured in human lives — specifically, in increased rates of major traffic accidents and traffic fatalities.”

These fatalities can also be measured in dollars, researchers say. Applying the U.S. Department of Transportation’s statistical value of a life, the potential drag on economy from lives lost is about $10 billion, according to the study.

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