App To Report Dangerous Driving In DC Sees Spike Following Fatalities (4-30-19)

The How’s My Driving app aims to empower pedestrians and cyclists with a platform to report dangerous driving in the District.

Washington, DC’s cycling community was recently rocked by the death of Dave Salovesh, 54, a local bicycle advocate who spent his life promoting the importance of safe streets. On April 19, Salovesh was killed by a speeding driver on Florida Ave. Northeast, a road that has long been considered dangerous for cyclists.

Just days after Salovesh’s death, Bronx, NY resident Abdul Seck, 31, was fatally struck by a vehicle while visiting the Anacostia neighborhood in Southeast DC.

These fatalities sparked public outroar in the city and nationwide, leading city officials to propose emergency legislation and infrastructure investments that would redesign roads — particularly Florida Ave. — to further separate cars and cyclists. However, some believe these efforts are not enough, as the core of the problem isn’t just a lack of infrastructure: it’s dangerous driving.

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