DC Bill Would Give Scooter, E-Bike Riders More Legal Rights (1-24-19)

A Bird scooter sits parked on a street corner on April 17, 2018 in San Francisco.

A bill introduced in D.C. this week would give e-bike and electric scooter riders more rights when they are involved in crashes.

Council Member Mary Cheh introduced a bill on Tuesday designed to give e-bike and electric scooter riders the same protections as pedestrians and regular bike riders.

The proposed amendment to Cheh’s 2016 Motor Vehicle Collision Recovery Act would mandate that scooter and e-bike riders be found at least 50 percent liable before their civil claims for damages are denied.

“The prospect of this law applying to them is if they’ve been seriously injured and they’ve been applying for damages,” Cheh said. “You are never barred from recovery if it was an accident with a car unless it’s more your fault than the car’s fault.”

Read Full Story Here (via NBC Washington)

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