Meet the Nepali-American Uber/Lyft Driver Building A Human Rescue Drone

Drones such as this one could one day be used to rescue humans from the battlefield. (AP Photo/University of Missouri, Zach Garcia, File)

Washington-area resident and Uber/Lyft driver Adhar Chandra Bhatt is driven by an insatiable desire to invent.

The 33-year-old’s specific focus is on designing airborne drones, which he calls his “frones,” or friendly drones, that can rescue those who become injured or isolated in hard-to-reach areas.

Born to a modest family in Nepal, Bhatt now holds dual U.S.-Nepalese citizenship and eloquently describes Nepal as “my mother country for whom I wish to give the sky” (by virtue of his frones that can ferry injured and stranded passengers through the air). America, he says, is “my father country for whom I wish to give the universe.” By this he means his next generation frones that can explore outer space.

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