How Public Employees Could Power the Struggling Taxi Industry (12-21-17)

In what some say is a first in the world, D.C.’s latest venture gives taxi drivers new business and simultaneously cuts its own costs.
(David Kidd)

As a program analyst for the city administrator’s office in the District of Columbia, Alexandra Caceres works with many agencies and often travels across the congested city for meetings. Every time she does, she has to reserve one of the two vehicles owned by her agency or, if those are being used, reserve a car from the city’s shared fleet. In either case, she has to schedule how long she’ll need the car, pick it up, drive to her destination and face the frustrating search for an elusive parking spot.

Well, that’s how she used to do it.

In June, D.C. launched a new transportation program that makes it much easier for city employees to get around for work. Now, Caceres uses a smartphone app to contact a taxi participating in the city’s “Vehicles on Demand” pilot. Within five to 10 minutes usually, a driver picks her up, checks her employee ID and takes her to her destination.

“It cuts the transportation time almost in half,” she says. “It’s quicker and easier all around.”

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