The Director’s Blog April 2017

Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Hearings

As I recently testified before the Committee on Business and Economic Development chaired by Council-member Kenyan McDuffie, Mayor Bowser’s proposed Fiscal Year 2018 budget will provide the Department of For-Hire Vehicles with the resources to achieve inclusive prosperity by meeting the administration’s goals to support DC Values through transparency, accountability, efficiency, and economic growth. The priority for our agency is to ensure fair industry competition and excellent passenger experiences. The FY 2018 budget will allocate resources to: (1) improving transportation equity; (2) creating new business opportunities; and (3) leveraging commercially-available technology to help reduce operating costs.

We will continue to encourage the adoption of both wheelchair accessible and electric vehicles with competitive grants and incentives; and we are excited about the transition from the legacy taximeter and expensive credit card readers to lower cost app-based systems called digital taxicab solutions or DTS. The DTS will feature mobile payment, built- in GPS , automatic transfer of trip data, and dynamic pricing for street hails. Another key benefit is the reduction of operating costs by an estimated $2,000 per vehicle.

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